Office Life

Migraines, Toddlers and the Struggles of Adulting

Sometimes my employees make me believe they like me when they buy me stuff. Molly brought me a new coffee mug Wednesday and it is so adorable. It says “Boss Lady” on the outside and on the inside it says “I’m not bossy, I’m just the boss!” The accuracy.

Migraines continue to be a struggle for me. Sometimes I get an aura with a headache and then sometimes I get the aura and no headache. Over the years I have slowly identified my triggers. This morning I remembered that I can’t sleep in because sometimes that triggers a migraine, not sure why. I slept in this morning and BAM migraine. I didn’t get a  headache with this one though, just the aura. Praise God for that. Any day without a migraine is a good day.


I let my boys sleep in the same bed Tuesday night. I don’t know what mom crack I was smoking when I thought letting them sleep in the same bed might be a good idea but it ended up working out.

The first night it worked out perfectly, and it was the cutest thing and they actually went to sleep. Wednesday night….ehhhh….not so much. First John didn’t want to sleep with Manny, but then he did because toddlers change their minds constantly. I agreed, against my better judgment because I was trying to avoid a major melt down at bedtime. When we let him sleep with his brother though he WOULD NOT go to sleep. He stayed up talking for about an hour after that and I could hear his little giggles. I’m like kid if you don’t go to sleep. I ended up moving him back to his bed. That didn’t go over well but sometimes when you threaten to beat them they end up conceding defeat and going to sleep.


I’m considering a career change right now too. Regularly wanting to punch your boss in the throat is probably a sign that it’s time to move on. A friend, who owns a staffing agency, called me Wednesday about two different jobs he thinks I might be interested in. I meet with him next Thursday at lunchtime to discuss. I am going to take in all the information before I make a decision. There are several reasons I’m considering leaving my current job:

Number 1: I feel like I have ENTIRELY too much responsibility. There is more coming at me than I can handle in a day, which makes my chest hurt and my head hurt. Not a good combination.

Number 2: I am no longer motivated to work there. I have had a lot of bad days strung together. I’m burned out, and I think the burn out rate in my position is probably pretty high.

Number 3: I am the complaints department. I have seventeen employees, most of which half are complaining about something in a given day, then there are volunteers who are just a whole different level of stress in and of themselves. Not to mention we have 5000 members and in any given day at least 10 of them are bitching about something.

I will take in all the information and then make an informed decision. That is the adult thing to do right? My brain is like nahhhhh just quit! Why do I have to constantly fight with my rational self and my impulsive self. It’s exhausting.

Why didn’t anyone tell me adulting would be this difficult?

Brave Bonnie

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