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For what it's worth

Susan rolled over and turned off her alarm. It read 6:00 a.m.

Uggghhhh Monday. I hope today isn’t the day I yell at my boss and tell her how stupid I think she is.

How if I have to sit through another meeting that could’ve been an email I’m going to jab a pencil through my eye.

God I hate this job. Wonder if I could get away with selling drugs to pay rent.

Susan is clearly not living her best life. Sadly, I know a lot of people like Susan. For a long time post college, I was Susan.

Going to a job I hated. Dealing with a micromanaging overbearing boss who probably would’ve accompanied me to the bathroom and told me how to use the bathroom properly if it wasn’t weird and socially unacceptable.

What got me through it? Podcasts, lots of encouragement, and the belief that I did in fact have control over what my future looked like.

Does Susan’s Monday sound familiar to you? Are you Susan?

If you are. It’s time to make a plan and set your life on the course of YOUR choosing.

To help you do that I’m starting the Live Your Best Life podcast! I’ve always been a person who loves motivating and encouraging people. And I believe it’s time to help you break out of prison and live a life that you choose. The podcast will launch in July of this year so make you follow the blog to stay in the know! 🙂

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so I love anything business related and entrepreneurial. But entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And that is okay! Living your best life could mean you get the promotion you’ve always wanted, or you finally shed the extra weight you’ve been carrying around.

I started Live Your Best Life to help you figure out what IS important to you? Even if you’re not an entrepreneur I believe you have goals and things you want to accomplish before this life is over.

I am driven by the fact that there are no do overs. This is the only life I get so I’ve got to make it count!

I was inspired to work harder on things that are important to me after my Dad passed in August last year. 

Me and Dad 2

My Dad’s passing made me start caring less about things that are not important to me or what other people think about me.

Sure some people are going to look at me and say “Who does she think she is?” Hell that is what the voice inside my head says to me half the time anyway but I ignore it and keep moving forward.

Beware, that anytime you step outside of your comfort zone and you do something different people will have an opinion, but it DOESN’T MATTER! 

You can live your whole life caring about other people’s opinions or you can step out and do something different. And trust me, those people who are judging you now, I can assure you 10 years from now when you are successful and enjoying life you won’t be thinking about them. They however, will probably still be in the same crap job they hate, at the same place in life and spewing negativity.

It’s time to be intentional about your life. It’s time to wake up and get out of the matrix and decide whats important to you. What do you want to pursue? Who do you want to be?

A few tips for you as you start setting goals and crushing them:

Be careful the people you spend time with. I know its cliche to say this but this Jim Rohn quote is so true –>  “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you are around people who are constantly negative and griping and making jabs at other people, you need new friends. I hate to say it, wait no I don’t, those people are keeping you down! Get away from them!

Be careful who you share your goals with. Everyone is not supportive. And family members can be the worst sometimes. People will always tell you you can’t accomplish something because they couldn’t. Realize their perspective is filtered through their life experiences.

And even if you do try and fail, I promise you will gain so much life experience from the attempt that I can assure you will come in handy at a later point in life.

So either you win or you learn. That seems like a win win to me.

Along with the podcast that is launching in July, I will also be posting one blog post a week to keep you motivated, encouraged, and informed.

Until then remember this is your one life, your only life. There are no do overs so make it count!

Selfie 5

Bria ❤

P.S. More details on the podcast coming soon. Want to stay in the know? Make sure you hit follow button in the right sidebar to stay up to date!