Personal Development

The Daily Am I Enough Battle

Am I Good Enough?

I often wonder why I have to fight the same battle every morning.

It’s exhausting and sometimes I don’t make it out unscathed.

I call it the “am I enough battle?”

Every morning I think:

Am I skinny enough?
Am I smart enough?
Am I nice enough?
Am I pretty enough?
Am I capable enough to run a business?

All the enoughs….every DAMN morning.

And it is exhausting.

I keep thinking that with each level of success this daily battle will fade.

But it never does.

Some days I fight this battle well. I slay the “Enough Dragon” with ease.

Other days the Enough Dragon makes me want to get back in bed and put the covers over my head.

I wonder if you battle the enough dragon daily too?

But you know something, whether you’re going for big things or not, you will battle the Enough Dragon and his sister Self Criticism on a regular.

I’d like to think that this is just developing my character.

That if I can beat back the Enough Dragon that threatens to kill my hopes and dreams then I can do anything.

So today I pull out my sword and slay the Enough Dragon, knowing that he will rise again in the morning and I’ll need to be prepared to do battle yet again.



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