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For the Love…Put on that Swimsuit

My seven year old officially had his last day of school last Thursday.


I’m seeing a lot of my friends posting pictures of their kids on the last day of school. Most of them are jumping into a pool and celebrating the unofficial start of summer.


And truthfully while they’re excited, all of us mom’s know they’re going to complain about being bored a week in.

Ahhh summer. I love you. Longer days. Warmer weather. Plenty of sunshine. Beach vacations and trips to the pool.

While I love summer, for a moment I found myself dreading putting on my swimsuit this year.

Since last summer I have gained 30lbs!! And at times, okay a lot of the time, I am frustrated at myself.

Then I remember, a lot happened last year. Two things that threatened to crush my soul. Two clouds I thought I would never come out from under.

One: My Dad passed away unexpectedly on August 15th. Easily one of the worst days of my life.

Two: I went through a divorce. It was actually a very cordial divorce and me and my ex husband co parent very well. But even a cordial divorce still represents the death of something.

So for me this past year two major parts of my life died. And with that came a lethargy and exhaustion that was hard to shake.

Having to function like a normal person after those major deaths was HARD y’all.

Some days I thought the grief would drown me. Some days I thought it would strangle me alive.

I didn’t recognize myself. And while I continued to workout because I do actually enjoy working out I struggled to care enough about eating healthy.

You know what was comforting after a long day at work battling grief and trying to function like a normal human being: Hotwings, French Fries, a glass of wine, and a Scandal marathon on Netflix.


So while I did pack on the pounds after my Dad died, I remind myself this summer as I cringe at the thought of putting on a swimsuit, that I went through a LOT last year.

And I know, there are those people who say “Don’t reward yourself with food you are not a dog.” (Insert eyeroll) To those people I say F*** OFF and mind ya business.

So today Mama, whether you’ve gained weight or just never lost the baby weight, I encourage you to remember all the hard things you do in a day. I encourage you to have grace for yourself.

I encourage you to put on your swimsuit because we’re all insecure about it. Solidarity sister..

Cheers to You

And I believe that life ebbs and flows in seasons. You will eventually enter a season where you’re motivated to drop some pounds. And if that isn’t this season…that is okay! Put on your damn swimsuit anyway because I’m sure you look FINE AS WINE regardless.

Now, excuse me while I go look for the cutest one piece swimsuit I can find. Send me your recommendations if you have any.



P.S. If you want to join a group of Sassy, Outspoken, Wine Drinking, Meme Posting mamas then join our Facebook group Mommy Needs Coffee, Wine, and Mascara. You can do that HERE!! 

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