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731 Day: Porchfest Recap and a New Business Idea

It was a busy week! I should just say that as a parent I feel personally attacked that my kid has a birthday on the same day that school starts…and now I’m BROKE. Welcome to adulthood.

Our community put on an amazing event Tuesday for 731 day called Porchfest. Local musicians played on different porches throughout the community. There were food trucks, good music, and we were all a sweat hot mess by the end of it! But it was amazing. We were one of the host homes and we had such a phenomenal time!

J&Bae TV representing at ALL times lol. 



I was so proud of my friend who coordinated this event. It was a first annual event but the turnout would’ve made you think the event had been going on for years! And y’all she is so cute and pregnant right now. You know you’re a BOSS WOMAN when you pull off an event like this while being 8 months pregnant. Hats off to her!

I hope we get asked to be a host home again next year!

In other news, I’m experimenting with a new business concept right now reselling clothes. I love fashion and at times as an entrepreneur I still find myself trying to figure out where exactly I fit. Each time I get a new idea I think…maybe this is it! (says every entrepreneur lol) 

However, anyone who knows me knows I love fashion and dressing nice. I mean I comment on everyone’s clothes where I work. If I could, I would start and Instagram account just dedicated to people’s outfits at work. The people in my office wear stylish clothing on a regular basis although I’m sure at this point they are tired of my commentary on it!


So I’m experimenting with reselling new and gently used clothing and honestly so far it is going MUCH better than I expected. I’m utilizing different platforms to sell: Poshmark, Instagram, and my mom’s group on FB. I am so excited by the positive response I have received from this.

New Items IG
I post new items in my mom’s group and on Instagram to generate sales. 
Awkward as Flock tee that is for sale in my Poshmark store @curvygirltn
I ship out orders to my customers as they come in. I am having WAAAAYYYY more fun than I thought I would with this! 

So in addition to J&Bae TV and my full time job, I’ve adding in reselling clothing. I don’t feel too overwhelmed yet, but you can bet your boots its coming. But business growth is a good problem to have.

As an entrepreneur, I also do struggle sometimes with thinking my ideas are silly. I get so many ideas. I will try something, and if it doesn’t work I’ll move onto the next thing.

Earlier this year, I started a resume writing business and although it was going well I realized I don’t have the time capacity to scale that business so I let it go and moved on. Try. Fail. Learn from it. Then move on. BOOM. 

I also saw this meme the other day and it instantly made me feel better and think maybe my ideas aren’t so silly.

You have a pretty solid point! 

So what are you working on right now? What side hustle are you trying to get off the ground? I’d love to hear about it. 

P.S. If you love wine and being around other supportive mamas, then you may consider joining my Facebook group “Mommy Needs Wine” We share a lot of laughs, mom jokes, and real life in this group. Join in on the fun. You can do that HERE.



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