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How to Start Selling on Poshmark

Selling on Posh

I’m in my second month on Poshmark, a clothing app that lets you buy and sell new and used fashion.

In the almost two months I’ve been on the app I’ve sold 16 items and I’m happy with that! I do think Poshmark has a TON of potential as a legitimate side hustle, which is why I have committed to a year on the platform no matter how slowly items sell sometimes. My closet is CurvyGirlTN.



I do think I may need to lower my expectations just a bit. Selling on Posh is awesome, but if you’re expecting your items to fly off the shelf (or out of your closet rather), I’m going to encourage you to simmer down a bit.

My biggest lesson so far: it takes TIME to sell your items on Posh. I’m learning to be okay with that.

If you’re considering stepping into the reselling arena, I’ve got some tips to help you get started on Poshmark.

Step 1: Start with items from your personal closet.

Clean out your own personal closet and list those items you’re wanting to get rid of, just make sure they are still in good condition! My rule for deciding wether an item is in good condition is “Is this something I would buy if I was at Goodwill?” If its worn to death and stained, don’t list it. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t list it.

Step 2: Take good photos of your items.

When photographing your items to list, use a clean, plain background with good lighting to capture your picture.

I have two different places I take pictures in my house. One is this plain wall in the back of my house. The other is the hardwood floor in my dining room. This is where I do my flat lay photos.

If you’re doing flat lays, make sure the surface you are using looks clean. Some buyers do get bent out of shape about items being photographed on the floor. Most do not care if its staged cute.

Also, items on Poshmark need to be formatted square to be uploaded correctly. If you have an iPhone you can take your photos in square mode to save you some time.

This 41 Hawthorne shirt by Stitch Fix, sold within a week of being listed.


Step 3: List your items and write good descriptions.

When listing your items, describe your item, including the style of shirt, condition, and measurements. Measurements are optional, but I do think it helps people’s buying decision if the listing has measurements.

For example, if you are selling a long sleeve red shirt from Express, you would make the title “Express Long Sleeve Red Top – Size L.” Then, in the description include shirt measurements, armpit to armpit and shoulder to hem. You may also put something like “great preloved condition” in the description as well. You may also want to include the material it is made out of.

The more information you give people the higher your chances that your item will sell.

Step 4: Self share your closet DAILY.

This updates your listing in the app and helps it show up in search when someone searches for that particular item. You can hit the share button on your item, however a lot of people recommend the ENL (Edit, Next, List) method for sharing your items.

I have been told that this increases the chances that your listing will show up in search more than just simply sharing it does. How to ENL? In the app click on one of your items. In the top right click edit, then click next, then click list.

This process shares the item and updates it at the same time.

Step 5: Follow other people, but especially follow new people.

The new poshers are likely to be the buyers. Out of the sixteen sales I’ve made, at least half of those have been from people new to Poshmark.

Wondering how to find new people? Open the app. Click on your profile icon in the bottom right corner. Click on the “Find People” option. Click new people and wa la, there are your new poshers. I follow these people and comment on their meet the posher listing welcoming them to Poshmark.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of how to start selling on Poshmark. These are just the things that have been working for me.

Do you have tips for someone who is new to Poshmark? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Bria, @CurvyGirlTN on Posh

Follow me on Instagram: Curvy Girl Resale



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