Curvy Girl Resale: My Week In Review #1

So I want to make sure I’m documenting my entire year on Poshmark. At this point I’ve been on Poshmark for about 3 and a half months. I have learned so much, but I still feel like there is so much to learn. To date I have sold 47 items and I have 77 active listings.

The biggest challenge I’m facing right now is growing my store while working full time. Did I mention I have two kids ages 8 and 3 and I’m married? There are literally some days that make me feel like I’m drowning.

Whiteboards are my life saver right now. I can write out my entire day at a glance on my whiteboards. I can write out the month’s goals and easily see them using my white boards.

Right now I’m getting up at 5:45 every morning. I was getting up at 4:45, but I’m just mean and overly emotional when I haven’t had enough sleep so I decided to dial that back a bit and get an extra hour of sleep. Nobody wants to be around bitchy Bria.

Even still, I’m getting up at 5:45 and I am on the go from the time I wake up until about 9:00 every night when my husband has to practically pry my phone out of my hand.

Okay maybe that is being a bit dramatic, but by 9:00 I do feel the guilt of spending so much time on my phone, but Poshmark kind of requires it.

I’m now to the point where I’m transferring my Poshmark earnings to my bank account every Wednesday. I keep a separate account for the business so that profit and loss is easier to track. The amount I transfer weekly is nothing to write home about, but its usually somewhere in between $30-$50.

Community sharing is a huge part of Poshmark, but my sales from last week came mostly from self sharing my closet. I am still community sharing, but not nearly to the level I was in the beginning. Instead, I am investing my time in getting more listings up, self sharing my closet, and studying sold listings.

I’m at 78 available listings right now. My first goal is 100 active listings. The funny thing though is that I’m having a hard time getting to 100 because every time I get close to 80 I sell like 5 or 6 items and it knocks me down.

This is a good problem to have. I imagine when things slow down for the summer I’ll really be able to get that number up in preparation for the Fall and Winter months. I am in several Facebook groups where a couple of people say December is also a slow month for resellers. This is my first December as a reseller so I’ll be interested to see.

So far, my longest time in between sales was 20 days. Y’all, honestly, I do not know how I didn’t quit during those 20 days. It was so frustrating but I refused to give up. I knew there was more I needed to learn.

I usually go about 3 days with no sales and then multiple sales on the fourth day.With Poshmark, as with any business really, PATIENCE is the key.

Last week’s sales included:

  • A Karen Roger’s Fleece Zip Up Vest
  • A bundle sale of an old navy sleeveless top, that has been in my closet since I started in August, and an ugly Christmas sweater vest
  • Another ugly Christmas sweater that was plus size

I deposit my money once a week from my Poshmark earnings. My goal is to deposit $100 every week into my account from Poshmark.

Also, the highlight of my week came in the form of a new feature within the app on Poshmark. Now, instead of having to open a listing to share it from your phone, there is a share button directly under the listing. So now, all you have to do is hit that share icon, click share to followers and boom its shared. Whereas previously you had to do like four clicks to share one item. Happy happy joy joy.


Do you sell on Poshmark? What was your week like? Tell me about in the comments below. 

P.S. Want to stay connected? Follow me on Poshmark: CurvyGirlTN. Follow me on Instagram: CurvyGirlResaleTN





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