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How to Share Likes to a Customer’s Bundle on Poshmark

I have several different sales strategies in my toolbox for Poshmark and today I want to share one with you: direct sharing likes to the customer’s bundle.

When a customer likes multiple items in my closet, I often share those likes to their bundle and make them an offer.

Often customers don’t realize that if they put all of their likes together they’ll save on shipping and likely get a better deal.

Some sellers might argue against sharing likes to their bundle. Their argument is the customer could do it themselves if they were interested in bundling, but 9 times out of 10 customers aren’t even sure what our signs that say “bundle your likes for a discount” even mean.

Sharing likes to their bundle can be a little confusing though, so today I’m going to show you how I do it. We’re going to use my husband’s closet for the example.

First I had the hubs go like multiple things in my closet.

So once they have liked multiple items, go to their profile and click on their shopping bag icon in the top right corner to get to their bundle.


Once you’re there, click on those little ellipses in the top right corner.


Once you click those several options will pop up. Click “switch to sell view.”


Now, once in sell view you will see EVERYTHING they have liked from your closet at the bottom of their bundle. Click the share button.

There will be several users bubbles in your recent section next to the search icon. His is first because I was just on his account. I then click his bubble and it shares my item directly to him.

Go through and share each of the items they have liked. You’ll need to refresh the page so they all appear.

Once they are all shared you can make an offer.

After I have shared and made an offer I will also leave a comment.

DO NOT just send the offer and run lol. Good customer service is reaching out to your customers and communicating effectively with them.

Hope this helps those of you guys who seriously struggle with how to add likes to a bundle. I know it was a struggle for me until I figured it out.



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Curvy Girl Resale: Poshmark Week In Review #6

Week of December 10th – December 16th

I am slowly adding more tools to my reselling toolbox. This past weekend the hubs and I picked up a new dress form mannequin from Hobby Lobby. Oh the looks he got carrying that thing through Hobby Lobby.

He is such a trooper.


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  1. Total items sold: 7
  2. Total sales: $97
  3.  Average sale price this week: $13.86
  4. Total active listings: 101
  5. Total listings (counting actives and solds): 197 – For those of you who are new to Poshmark, your total listings includes actives and solds. Sold listings cannot be deleted.


  1. Infinity scarf $8 (I think I’m done picking up scarves. Profit margin way too low)
  2. Kasper Cardigan $18 (Cardigan’s seem to be the way to go for me)
  3. Stitchfix Cardigan $20
  4. Style & Co Plus Size Top $9 (Do not plan to pick up anymore Style & Co)
  5. Lauren Ralph Lauren Top $12
  6. Kim Rogers Ugly Christmas Sweater $15
  7. Ugly Christmas Sweater $15

Cardigans do really well for me so I will continue to pick those up. Also, I was really surprised by how well ugly Christmas sweaters did in my closet this year. I plan to stock up on those year round so that next Christmas I will have plenty to list!

This was my first Christmas season as a reseller, but I sold every single Christmas sweater I listed this year. I think there were about 8 or 9 of them.


For the past few weeks, I have been purchasing clothes directly from friends before they take their items to Goodwill. I like this strategy and will continue to use it in the future.

I was able to source about 40 items from a friend’s cousin for a really good price.

My goal as of now is to list 3,000 items in 2019 so I need to be sourcing like a mad woman. I am inspired by people like Chris at Daily Refinement, and the podcast hosts for “The Scavenger Life.” They each have HUGE stores and that is my goal to.

There is a part of me that wonders how reasonable I’m being with this goal, but then I think, lets just see how big we can build this thing!

It’ll be interesting at the end of 2019 to see how close I came to actually hitting that goal.



In other news, Mercari has announced Mercari UK is coming to an end. I’m not a big user of Mercari but I know some of you are. I don’t know if this means anything for Mercari US but I’m sure it comes as a blow to sellers in the UK who have a lot invested in Mercari.

The last day for buying and selling will be January 15, 2019. You can read the full article HERE.

Here you will find the full article from the Mercari UK website.

How was your week on Poshmark? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Curvy Girl Resale: Poshmark Week In Review #5

Curvy Girl Resale Weekly Review: Week of December 3rd – December 9th

So I finally gave in and bought some cute poly mailers, and they did not disappoint! I still plan to ship some of my items with Priority Mail Boxes from the post office but I do like these poly mailers for smaller packages.


I’m reflecting today on the ups and the downs of the past few months. Today I am grateful that when I started Poshmark in August, I made a pact with myself that this would be a year long experiment.

I made a pact with myself that no matter how difficult this next year was that I wasn’t allowed to quit until the year was up. That I had to see the experiment through. I am so glad I made that pact with myself because if I hadn’t I would have already quit.

The first two months on Poshmark were impossibly hard. I couldn’t figure it out and I expected things to sell a lot faster than they did.

I remember my longest stint without a sale was 20 days!! Honestly I don’t know how I didn’t quit, aside from the fact that I had made a pact with myself to see the year through. My second longest stint without a sale was 9 days, and my third longest was five days.

Now, four months in, I rarely go two days without a sale. I am so grateful I stuck it out!

Alright lets get to some numbers:

  1. Total Active Listings: 94
  2. Total Listings: 185
  3. Total sales this past week: 13 (14 items sold. One sale was a bundle)

I had my best weekend on Poshmark this past weekend. Saturday morning before 1:00 I sold six items.

Then Sunday I sold three more items. One of them was a coat that sold for full asking price from a guest buyer. I did a happy dance all over my living room and my husband looked at me like I was a lunatic. It happens lol.

Take a look at the images below. Here is what sold for me this past week:


Sometimes I think I’m crazy putting my numbers out there for everyone to see. But then I remind myself I’m not doing it to say “look at me and what I sold.” I’m doing it because this is a year long experiment for me and I’m using this blog as a place to track my data and go back and look and see what worked for me. 

I also think its helpful for people to see what sells for someone else. My goal right now is not a $30 average sale price (or ASP). My goal right now is to sell enough clothes and gather enough data to be able to know what items bring in the highest sale price.

I prefer the volume approach (selling a lot more for a lower price point). This helps me have small wins. If I were selling a ton of higher priced items I would go longer in between a sale, because more expensive things take longer to move.

Maybe its impatient of me, but I like quick flips. This is MY strategy and doesn’t necessarily mean its the right one for everyone, but for now its the right one for me.

Because while everyone’s trying to get rich flipping high dollar items I’ll be over here crushing it with $12-$20 sales. This won’t be my strategy forever I’m sure, but for right now it works.

Finally, lets be real about how much I have fallen in love with thrifted clothing. I bought this absolutely beautiful jacket to put for sale in my Poshmark closet. I tried it on to check the fit and well…I kept it. Womp womp. But I LOOOVVVVEEE it.


How was your week on Poshmark? Leave me a comment and tell me about it.

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Curvy Girl Resale: Poshmark Week In Review #4

I love doing this weekly review because when I have a slow sales day, it gives me plenty of data to look back on and see that I’m actually not failing.

This week, November 26th – December 2nd was one of the best sales weeks I had on Poshmark since I joined in August of 2018.

I had 7 sales! One was a bundle sale, so I shipped out a total of 9 items.

One of the strategies that I have been trying is mixing sold listings in with my available listings. At first, I would just let all of my sold listings move to the bottom of my closet, but after doing some research in the Poshmark Analytics Facebook group I decided to give this strategy a try.

Honestly, it seems to be working.

So the main two things that are working for me right now?

  1. Direct Sharing people’s likes to their bundle and then making an offer.
  2. Mixing in sold listings with my available listings.

I’ll keep you updated on additional strategies that are working for me.


My total active listings at the time of this writing: 87

My total listings: 162 (this counts sold and available listings, and is actually the number that shows up at the top of your closet on Poshmark)

So what sold for me this past week?




Overall I am happy with the sales week I had! I feel like each week I learn a little more and get a little better. I am also finding a solid routine that I can stick to while working full time.

Sticking to this routine keeps me from getting stressed…okay partially lol.

I wake up at 5:00 a.m. every morning. From 5:30-6:00 I list what is ready to be listed. If all of my list pile is listed then I photograph items. From 6:00-6:30 a.m. I package the listed inventory and assign an inventory number to it. This is all before work.

Then at 3:00 in the afternoon, I leave work to pick up my son for school. If I have orders that need to be shipped I will package and ship those before picking up my other son from daycare and my husband from work. Right now we’re riding around and getting it with one vehicle. Womp womp.

After dinner, and after the kids are in bed, the hubs heads to the gym and I head to my office for my final hour of work. From 8:00-9:00 each night I self share my closet and then steam the items I want to photograph and list the next morning.

Rinse and repeat each day. Like Aristotle says “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” 

Until next week friends! In the meantime, keep hustling on those dreams and working your rear end off.

Success comes to those who WORK FOR IT!



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