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Curvy Girl Resale: Poshmark Week in Review #7

Week of December 24th – December 30th

As was expected it was an extremely slow week leading up to Christmas.

However, I did manage to snag my very first host pick! My host pick was a pair of Just Black Skinny Jeans with a zipper on the ankles.

I was shocked that they sold within two hours of being selected as a host pick y’all! There is a common consensus among fellow resellers, that a host pick doesn’t necessarily help your item sell any faster. I’m inclined to agree.

While I do think it was a rarity that it sold so quickly, I am grateful for a positive first experience with having an item selected as a host pick.


Alright, lets get to some numbers for the week:

  1. Total Items Sold: 4
  2. Gross Sales: $87
  3. Average sale price or ASP: $21.75
  4. Total active listings: 127
  5. Total listings: 232

What Sold:

  1. Gray Talbots Blazer (14W) – $35
  2. Black Biker style jacket with fringe – $25
  3. Charlotte Russe Button Down – $13
  4. Cable & Gauge Plus Size Tunic – $18

2019 GOALS

We are officially in 2019 and I want to share with you what my Poshmark goals are for 2019. First, let me tell you why I set this gigantic goal for myself.

I believe the best way to learn is through experimentation. There is no blog post I’m going to read, or Youtube video I’m going to watch that will tell me what works for ME!

The only way I will really learn what works for Curvy Girl Resale is experimentation. So, my strategy for this next year then is quantity to get to quality.

My goal: 3000 listings on Poshmark by December 2019.

I can accomplish this goal by listing 10 items a day, six days a week with Saturdays off. I’m not shooting for 3,000 active listings, but 3,000 total listings including active and sold items.

It is also my goal to grow my Instagram to 13,000 followers. There are those in the reseller community who don’t see the importance of having a social media strategy. However, I think if you want to treat this like a business, most businesses have an online marketing/social media strategy so I plan to as well. 

I’m gaining followers on Instagram but I’m also experimenting with running Facebook Ads weekly to grow a fan page on Facebook. There are those who spend several hundred dollars a month on sharing services that will share their closets for them. I’m interested to see what happens if instead of investing in a sharing service I invest in Facebook ads.

As Gary Vee says, Facebook ads are SUPER underpriced right now. So, I’m going to experiment with running ads to drive traffic to my Poshmark closet. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

You may be wondering why Facebook and not Instagram? I discovered through market research that my ideal customer spends quite a bit of time on Facebook and not so much Instagram. I plan to test it out and report back.

How was your week on Poshmark? Tell me about it in the comments below.

P.S. Want to stay connected? Follow me on Instagram @CurvyGirlResaleTN and Poshmark @CurvyGirlTN 

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