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Why I Am Grateful For a Career As a Reseller

There are a lot of varying opinions about a career as a reseller. While some view it as a necessary evil, a stop off on the way to whatever other career they’re pursuing, I view it with sheer gratitude.

Oh sure, I have days where I am irritated by how many different ways I’m asked to measure a shirt, but overall I feel like I have found a home in this profession.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? I’ll explain why. 

In 2013 I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Growing up, it was my Dad’s dream for me to get good grades, go to college, graduate, and get an office job where I would be able to pay my bills.

I don’t blame my Dad for his assumption that a college degree would prevent me from having to live life the way we did growing up.

I mean my parents raised four kids on $25,000/year. I have NO idea how they did it. Thank God for government assistance programs.

It’s funny how little you actually know about life after college. While I was in college I majored in Psychology and was sure I would find a well paying job once I graduated.

However, what no one really explained to me, until it was too late, is that about the only way to get a job in your field with a Psychology degree is to go to graduate school.

Bless my heart. I mean I could’ve worked in HR somewhere with a Psychology degree, but I kept running into the problem of they wanted you to have at least two years of work experience before they would even consider you for the position.

Ummm hello, I literally just graduated from college five minutes ago. The only work experience I had was waitressing.

I thought I would never find a job, but I got a lucky break and was hired on at the non profit I interned for a few months before graduating.

Post college 2013 in my first job for Madison County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) 

I loved my boss. She was my first experience with working for someone who actually cared about you.

Fast forward to 2018 and I was on my fourth office job in five years. I often wondered if there was something wrong with me. I was a hard worker no doubt, but after about a year in each of those jobs I started to feel like a caged animal.

My migraines would increase in frequency and each Sunday was torture as I thought about having to go into work the next morning.

Honestly, none of the jobs were terrible jobs. They paid well, my bosses were nice (well most of them), and the work wasn’t difficult.

My problem? I realized after lots of journaling and self reflection that I HATE sitting still.

Office work = sitting still. A LOT. There are meetings, more meetings, and did I mention that sometimes we would have meetings about meetings.

I am often surprised, when I look back that I never picked up a pencil and jabbed it through my eye while sitting in yet another boring ass compliance meeting.

“I have to get out of here,” I would often think to myself.

At this time, I was no stranger to entrepreneurship.

Since 2010 I had been apart of many different business. My very first one being a Network Marketing business, in a company called BeautiControl (they are no longer around).

I joined BeautiControl three different times before I was convinced network marketing wasn’t for me.

I think I kept going back because it was the only business opportunity I could see that would allow me to start without a major investment. All I really needed was my hard work and determination.

After the third try I finally gave up on BeautiControl and decided to start my own online business as a Weight Loss Coach.

In 2013 I lost 80lbs using diet and exercise and decided to start a blog called From Fluff 2 Fit. I will never forget how it felt to land my first coaching client. She handed me a check for more money than I had ever seen at one time.

I was able to land several clients before my husband at the time told me I was going to have to get a job because From Fluff 2 Fit wasn’t bringing in enough money to support our family. I was absolutely heartbroken.

I will never forget laying on my bathroom floor and crying my eyes out as I realized I would have to go back and get a corporate job. I wasn’t even that upset about the job. I was more upset that my business had failed.

It felt like I lost a person. Like something died. And something did die that day. My hopes and dreams that I could start and grow a successful online business.

Fast forward to 2018. I was in my fourth position since graduating from college and barely six months in I started to feel the cagey feeling again.

I had just finished Marie Forleo’s B-School. I had the tools to start a business but I knew I didn’t want to start another coaching business.

Over the years I learned two major things about myself: 1) I don’t like to sit still so office work is definitely not for me. 2) I prefer businesses that have actual physical products.

The “Laptop Lifestyle” and the “Digital CEO” is very popular. There are people online making millions of dollars running businesses that are purely digital with courses, ebooks, and online coaching.

I knew I didn’t want to build a business that way. So I started googling and eventually landed on Poshmark. I’d read a few articles about women making good money on a platform that allows them to sell used clothes online.

In July 2018, I was introduced to the world of reselling for the first time and I was hooked. In January 2019 I quit my office job to go back to waitressing and build my resale business “Curvy Girl Resale.”

In that time I have come to feel so grateful for a profession that feels like home for me. Sure, it is HARD freaking work. Sourcing and steaming and listing and constantly feeling like you don’t know what the hell you are doing.

But as I am waitressing while I’m building my business I realized that reselling is not nearly as hard as being a waitress. I will take reselling ANY DAY.

For example, one night at work I had a party of 16 BY MYSELF. First, it was 100 degrees in our restaurant at the time and I could not stop sweating.

Secondly I literally ran my ass off with drink refills, and fry refills, and extra this and extra that to make $55.

Now, as a waitress a $55 tip is AMAZING!! But when I think about how hard I had to work to make that $55 I realize reselling is hard but its not THAT hard.

I mean as a reseller I could sell six items for $20 and end up with a $55 profit after fees and cost of goods are removed.

Honestly its all hard, I guess you just have to pick your hard.

One night at work, I had a lady ask me for coke with light ice. Okay, so I brought her a coke with light ice. She looked at it and looked at me and said “This is light ice?!”

And my customer service person, not the real me, said “Oh I’m sorry mam, is that too much ice? Let me take that back and put less ice in there for you!”

Like I said reselling is easier…

I am grateful for these experiences as a waitress though because it gives me perspective. When I grow tired of reselling I will remember what I endured as a waitress.

The back pain, the long nights, the rude customers, the rude cooks (because cooks and servers generally don’t get along. They think we’re all dumb and that somehow they’re better than us…it’s annoying).

Not to mention my income potential as a reseller is so much higher than it is as a waitress.

So, I am grateful for my career as a reseller, because after years of searching for where I fit, I feel like I have finally found my place as a reseller.



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