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Curvy Girl Resale: Poshmark Week In Review #5

Curvy Girl Resale Weekly Review: Week of December 3rd – December 9th

So I finally gave in and bought some cute poly mailers, and they did not disappoint! I still plan to ship some of my items with Priority Mail Boxes from the post office but I do like these poly mailers for smaller packages.


I’m reflecting today on the ups and the downs of the past few months. Today I am grateful that when I started Poshmark in August, I made a pact with myself that this would be a year long experiment.

I made a pact with myself that no matter how difficult this next year was that I wasn’t allowed to quit until the year was up. That I had to see the experiment through. I am so glad I made that pact with myself because if I hadn’t I would have already quit.

The first two months on Poshmark were impossibly hard. I couldn’t figure it out and I expected things to sell a lot faster than they did.

I remember my longest stint without a sale was 20 days!! Honestly I don’t know how I didn’t quit, aside from the fact that I had made a pact with myself to see the year through. My second longest stint without a sale was 9 days, and my third longest was five days.

Now, four months in, I rarely go two days without a sale. I am so grateful I stuck it out!

Alright lets get to some numbers:

  1. Total Active Listings: 94
  2. Total Listings: 185
  3. Total sales this past week: 13 (14 items sold. One sale was a bundle)

I had my best weekend on Poshmark this past weekend. Saturday morning before 1:00 I sold six items.

Then Sunday I sold three more items. One of them was a coat that sold for full asking price from a guest buyer. I did a happy dance all over my living room and my husband looked at me like I was a lunatic. It happens lol.

Take a look at the images below. Here is what sold for me this past week:


Sometimes I think I’m crazy putting my numbers out there for everyone to see. But then I remind myself I’m not doing it to say “look at me and what I sold.” I’m doing it because this is a year long experiment for me and I’m using this blog as a place to track my data and go back and look and see what worked for me. 

I also think its helpful for people to see what sells for someone else. My goal right now is not a $30 average sale price (or ASP). My goal right now is to sell enough clothes and gather enough data to be able to know what items bring in the highest sale price.

I prefer the volume approach (selling a lot more for a lower price point). This helps me have small wins. If I were selling a ton of higher priced items I would go longer in between a sale, because more expensive things take longer to move.

Maybe its impatient of me, but I like quick flips. This is MY strategy and doesn’t necessarily mean its the right one for everyone, but for now its the right one for me.

Because while everyone’s trying to get rich flipping high dollar items I’ll be over here crushing it with $12-$20 sales. This won’t be my strategy forever I’m sure, but for right now it works.

Finally, lets be real about how much I have fallen in love with thrifted clothing. I bought this absolutely beautiful jacket to put for sale in my Poshmark closet. I tried it on to check the fit and well…I kept it. Womp womp. But I LOOOVVVVEEE it.


How was your week on Poshmark? Leave me a comment and tell me about it.

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Curvy Girl Resale: Poshmark Week In Review #4

I love doing this weekly review because when I have a slow sales day, it gives me plenty of data to look back on and see that I’m actually not failing.

This week, November 26th – December 2nd was one of the best sales weeks I had on Poshmark since I joined in August of 2018.

I had 7 sales! One was a bundle sale, so I shipped out a total of 9 items.

One of the strategies that I have been trying is mixing sold listings in with my available listings. At first, I would just let all of my sold listings move to the bottom of my closet, but after doing some research in the Poshmark Analytics Facebook group I decided to give this strategy a try.

Honestly, it seems to be working.

So the main two things that are working for me right now?

  1. Direct Sharing people’s likes to their bundle and then making an offer.
  2. Mixing in sold listings with my available listings.

I’ll keep you updated on additional strategies that are working for me.


My total active listings at the time of this writing: 87

My total listings: 162 (this counts sold and available listings, and is actually the number that shows up at the top of your closet on Poshmark)

So what sold for me this past week?




Overall I am happy with the sales week I had! I feel like each week I learn a little more and get a little better. I am also finding a solid routine that I can stick to while working full time.

Sticking to this routine keeps me from getting stressed…okay partially lol.

I wake up at 5:00 a.m. every morning. From 5:30-6:00 I list what is ready to be listed. If all of my list pile is listed then I photograph items. From 6:00-6:30 a.m. I package the listed inventory and assign an inventory number to it. This is all before work.

Then at 3:00 in the afternoon, I leave work to pick up my son for school. If I have orders that need to be shipped I will package and ship those before picking up my other son from daycare and my husband from work. Right now we’re riding around and getting it with one vehicle. Womp womp.

After dinner, and after the kids are in bed, the hubs heads to the gym and I head to my office for my final hour of work. From 8:00-9:00 each night I self share my closet and then steam the items I want to photograph and list the next morning.

Rinse and repeat each day. Like Aristotle says “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” 

Until next week friends! In the meantime, keep hustling on those dreams and working your rear end off.

Success comes to those who WORK FOR IT!



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Curvy Girl Resale: Poshmark Week In Review #3

So far this week, November 19th – November 25th, I’m up to 78 active listings. My goal is to get to 100 active listings. I did make it to 81 active listings but then I sold a few items and it knocked me back down to 78. I am constantly listings and selling so the number goes up and down.

Total listings though, including sold listings is 138.

Now lets talk about what sold for me this week on Poshmark.

I had three bundle sales (meaning the customer purchased more than one item) and five single item sales.

So what sold? Here’s a quick photo snapshot of what sold this past week for me. 




You’ll notice that some of these items are priced really low. Those are what we call “bad buys” and not things that I intend to pick up again. They were also some of my first purchases so I didn’t really know what I was doing when sourcing.

I will definitely continue to buy more plaid, especially for this time of year. I was shocked  when the Panama City Beach shirt sold. When I bought it I thought to myself “No one is going to buy this!”

I have got to stop doing that though, because usually the things I say no one is going to buy are the things that end up selling.



In other news I am extremely grateful for my husband who is always willing to drop off my packages for me at the post office. Also, I may be creating a monster because the hubs started a Mercari store and has four items listed and he is hunting for more.

Y’all should see how excited he gets talking about his store. Love him! ❤


I have achieved most of the goals I set for myself for the month of November.

My first goal was to get to 720 Instagram followers and I far exceeded that goal. At the time of this blog post I’m up to 969 followers.

I am grateful to my reseller friend Honey.Rags on Instagram. She gave me a shoutout and I got an influx of followers from her post. You can find her on youtube HERE. She is awesome! Watch all of her Poshmark videos!

How was your week on Poshmark? Tell me about it in the comments below.



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Curvy Girl Resale: Poshmark Week In Review #2

This past week, November 12th-November 18th, started off slow. I went four days without a sale. However, Friday before 9:00 a.m. I sold two items back to back and then Saturday I sold my very first five piece bundle!!


I hesitate to make any predictions based off of these results however. I am learning about the only solid prediction I have about Poshmark is that just when you think something is working in your favor and caused you to make a sale, when you replicate those exact same actions they don’t necessarily result in a sale a second time. Womp womp

I will however, draw the conclusion that the weekends are prime selling time. I may be spinning my wheels during the week spending so much time self sharing my closet when people are more likely to buy either on the weekend or around payday.

What sold in the bundle? Two Michael Kors shirts that I have had listed literally since I started on Poshmark in August. A sleeveless shirt from Maurices and a sleeveless shirt from Kohl’s. The brand was Roz & Ali.

The other items I sold over the weekend were a pair of Gap Jeans size 18 and a “I’m Not Bossy I’m the Boss 2X” sweatshirt.


My closet does focus on sizes large and up. Several times I have thought about branching into smaller sizes, but from my online marketing days I know it is better to have a niche market to begin with.

The specialist always makes more than the general practitioner. One of my favorite online marketing experts loves to say “If you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.”

So far this month I have listed 40 new items in my closet. My goal is to list 50 per month. That feels like an attainable/sustainable goal for me, especially since I’m working full time.

My goal for this month was also to get to 21,000 followers and I have crushed that goal. I changed up my following strategy and it really helped.

As a Poshmark Ambassador, I automatically get several followers a day who are brand new to the app. I have noticed, that most new people automatically start out following 142 people.

I go find new people who only have one listing but are following 142 people, and then I follow all 142 of those people. Why? Because I have noticed that these tend to be active users who are more likely to follow back.


I know this strategy is working for me, because I started the month at 19,500 followers. The month is not over yet, but I am at 21,547 followers.

My favorite thing about Poshmark is setting these goals for myself every month and then working my but off to accomplish them.

It’s not easy, but despite the madness I do find it kind of fun.

How was your week on Poshmark? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Curvy Girl Resale: My Week In Review #1

So I want to make sure I’m documenting my entire year on Poshmark. At this point I’ve been on Poshmark for about 3 and a half months. I have learned so much, but I still feel like there is so much to learn. To date I have sold 47 items and I have 77 active listings.

The biggest challenge I’m facing right now is growing my store while working full time. Did I mention I have two kids ages 8 and 3 and I’m married? There are literally some days that make me feel like I’m drowning.

Whiteboards are my life saver right now. I can write out my entire day at a glance on my whiteboards. I can write out the month’s goals and easily see them using my white boards.

Right now I’m getting up at 5:45 every morning. I was getting up at 4:45, but I’m just mean and overly emotional when I haven’t had enough sleep so I decided to dial that back a bit and get an extra hour of sleep. Nobody wants to be around bitchy Bria.

Even still, I’m getting up at 5:45 and I am on the go from the time I wake up until about 9:00 every night when my husband has to practically pry my phone out of my hand.

Okay maybe that is being a bit dramatic, but by 9:00 I do feel the guilt of spending so much time on my phone, but Poshmark kind of requires it.

I’m now to the point where I’m transferring my Poshmark earnings to my bank account every Wednesday. I keep a separate account for the business so that profit and loss is easier to track. The amount I transfer weekly is nothing to write home about, but its usually somewhere in between $30-$50.

Community sharing is a huge part of Poshmark, but my sales from last week came mostly from self sharing my closet. I am still community sharing, but not nearly to the level I was in the beginning. Instead, I am investing my time in getting more listings up, self sharing my closet, and studying sold listings.

I’m at 78 available listings right now. My first goal is 100 active listings. The funny thing though is that I’m having a hard time getting to 100 because every time I get close to 80 I sell like 5 or 6 items and it knocks me down.

This is a good problem to have. I imagine when things slow down for the summer I’ll really be able to get that number up in preparation for the Fall and Winter months. I am in several Facebook groups where a couple of people say December is also a slow month for resellers. This is my first December as a reseller so I’ll be interested to see.

So far, my longest time in between sales was 20 days. Y’all, honestly, I do not know how I didn’t quit during those 20 days. It was so frustrating but I refused to give up. I knew there was more I needed to learn.

I usually go about 3 days with no sales and then multiple sales on the fourth day.With Poshmark, as with any business really, PATIENCE is the key.

Last week’s sales included:

  • A Karen Roger’s Fleece Zip Up Vest
  • A bundle sale of an old navy sleeveless top, that has been in my closet since I started in August, and an ugly Christmas sweater vest
  • Another ugly Christmas sweater that was plus size

I deposit my money once a week from my Poshmark earnings. My goal is to deposit $100 every week into my account from Poshmark.

Also, the highlight of my week came in the form of a new feature within the app on Poshmark. Now, instead of having to open a listing to share it from your phone, there is a share button directly under the listing. So now, all you have to do is hit that share icon, click share to followers and boom its shared. Whereas previously you had to do like four clicks to share one item. Happy happy joy joy.


Do you sell on Poshmark? What was your week like? Tell me about in the comments below. 

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How to Become a Poshmark Ambassador

How to Become aPoshmark Ambassador

After about 6 weeks on Poshmark I achieved Posh Ambassador status. Wondering what a Poshmark Ambassador is? According to Poshmark’s blog “We look to Posh Ambassadors to help set the tone in our Poshmark community.”

I should note that a lot of people assume when they hit Poshmark Ambassador it will increase their sales, but it doesn’t. You can read the perks of becoming an Ambassador in the “How to Become an Ambassador” blog post on Poshmark’s blog.

In the weeks leading up to me becoming a Poshmark Ambassador, I read a lot of forum threads and watched countless Youtube videos about the “perceived” negative effects of becoming a Poshmark Ambassador.

I think people were so disappointed because they expected Poshmark Ambassador to increase their sales.

While I didn’t see an increase in sales, what I did see was a HUGE increase in the amount of followers I get everyday.

This makes it easier for me to welcome people to Poshmark and interact with more potential buyers. Instead of having to go out and look for followers they come to me because I’m an Ambassador. I do still go follow new people, but I don’t have to do it as much since becoming a Poshmark Ambassador.

So how do you become a Poshmark Ambassador? Poshmark has outlined a list of very specific requirements to get there.

  1. A minimum of 5,000 community shares
  2. A minimum of 5,000 self shares
  3. A minimum of 50 new poshers shared
  4. A minimum of 50 available listings
  5. A minimum of 15 sales
  6. Average purchase rating greater than 4.5 stars
  7. Average ship time of less than three days
  8. A minimum of 1 love not given

While you’re working on these metrics you can track your progress in the “My Posh Stats” tab. Only you can see this. I checked this regularly to see how close I was to hitting the goal.

When I finished all of the requirements I got an email from Poshmark the next day that told me I qualified for the Ambassador program. I could accept the invite or just ignore it. I of course accepted!

I know there are some people who are convinced that being an Ambassador makes it harder for you to make sales, but that has not been my personal experience.

I will say, once you achieve Ambassador status DO NOT stop doing the things that got you there.

I wish you much success and many sales!

What has been your experience with becoming a Poshmark Ambassador? 



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How to Start Selling on Poshmark

Selling on Posh

I’m in my second month on Poshmark, a clothing app that lets you buy and sell new and used fashion.

In the almost two months I’ve been on the app I’ve sold 16 items and I’m happy with that! I do think Poshmark has a TON of potential as a legitimate side hustle, which is why I have committed to a year on the platform no matter how slowly items sell sometimes. My closet is CurvyGirlTN.



I do think I may need to lower my expectations just a bit. Selling on Posh is awesome, but if you’re expecting your items to fly off the shelf (or out of your closet rather), I’m going to encourage you to simmer down a bit.

My biggest lesson so far: it takes TIME to sell your items on Posh. I’m learning to be okay with that.

If you’re considering stepping into the reselling arena, I’ve got some tips to help you get started on Poshmark.

Step 1: Start with items from your personal closet.

Clean out your own personal closet and list those items you’re wanting to get rid of, just make sure they are still in good condition! My rule for deciding wether an item is in good condition is “Is this something I would buy if I was at Goodwill?” If its worn to death and stained, don’t list it. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t list it.

Step 2: Take good photos of your items.

When photographing your items to list, use a clean, plain background with good lighting to capture your picture.

I have two different places I take pictures in my house. One is this plain wall in the back of my house. The other is the hardwood floor in my dining room. This is where I do my flat lay photos.

If you’re doing flat lays, make sure the surface you are using looks clean. Some buyers do get bent out of shape about items being photographed on the floor. Most do not care if its staged cute.

Also, items on Poshmark need to be formatted square to be uploaded correctly. If you have an iPhone you can take your photos in square mode to save you some time.

This 41 Hawthorne shirt by Stitch Fix, sold within a week of being listed.


Step 3: List your items and write good descriptions.

When listing your items, describe your item, including the style of shirt, condition, and measurements. Measurements are optional, but I do think it helps people’s buying decision if the listing has measurements.

For example, if you are selling a long sleeve red shirt from Express, you would make the title “Express Long Sleeve Red Top – Size L.” Then, in the description include shirt measurements, armpit to armpit and shoulder to hem. You may also put something like “great preloved condition” in the description as well. You may also want to include the material it is made out of.

The more information you give people the higher your chances that your item will sell.

Step 4: Self share your closet DAILY.

This updates your listing in the app and helps it show up in search when someone searches for that particular item. You can hit the share button on your item, however a lot of people recommend the ENL (Edit, Next, List) method for sharing your items.

I have been told that this increases the chances that your listing will show up in search more than just simply sharing it does. How to ENL? In the app click on one of your items. In the top right click edit, then click next, then click list.

This process shares the item and updates it at the same time.

Step 5: Follow other people, but especially follow new people.

The new poshers are likely to be the buyers. Out of the sixteen sales I’ve made, at least half of those have been from people new to Poshmark.

Wondering how to find new people? Open the app. Click on your profile icon in the bottom right corner. Click on the “Find People” option. Click new people and wa la, there are your new poshers. I follow these people and comment on their meet the posher listing welcoming them to Poshmark.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of how to start selling on Poshmark. These are just the things that have been working for me.

Do you have tips for someone who is new to Poshmark? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Bria, @CurvyGirlTN on Posh

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Poshmark Insights from August

There are four days left in August and this will be my first full month on Poshmark. I joined July 24th. After four sales in my first two weeks it was straight up radio silence for 20 days!!! I swear I almost threw in the towel.

After much trial and error and perseverance I ended up selling 6 items after that twenty day drought. Now that there is money in my bank account I’m glad I didn’t quit despite the difficulty.

Here are a few of the things that sold in my closet on Poshmark this month:

This Gorgeous Army Green Dress from Dress Barn


This Naked Zebra Tank
This graphic tee that says “Caffeine Loves Me”


Over the past month I have documented EVERYTHING in spreadsheets and Evernote to see what seems to be working and what doesn’t seem to be working.

Here are my insights from the month of August. This is my own personal experience and I realize different things work for different people.

Insight #1: More activity (listing, self sharing, community sharing, and following new Poshers) equals more likes, and more likes equals more offers to likers, and more offers to likers equals more sales.

There are some Poshers who think you should ONLY share your own closet. There are others who argue that it doesn’t really matter how many followers you have. There are others who believe community sharing 1000 items a day is the way to go.

In my experience its not one thing that helps you make sales on Poshmark, its a combination of ALL the things. Listing new items, self sharing your closet, following new Poshers, participating in parties, and community sharing.

Insight #2: Majority of the top sellers are averaging 20,000 self shares in a 30 day period. Right now I am sharing my closet four times a day. I have 45 active listings.

Insight #3: The 30 Minute Method is BAE! If you don’t know what the 30 Minute Method is you can find it HERE. It was created by Lyn Cromar who has an amazing Facebook group called Poshmark Analytics. You have to join Poshmark Analytics Sandbox group first, and then you graduate to the larger Poshmark Analytics group once you’ve completed the Sandbox requirements.

When I made my first four sales I had been doing the 30 Minute Method and then for some reason I got distracted and stopped. After 20 days of no sales I went back to doing it and then BAM sales! So I do believe it works, at least it works for me.

Insight #4: The evenings seem to be the time that people are most active on the app. I make it a goal to do at least an hour of Poshing each evening. I do the 30 Minute Method and attend parties in the evenings.

Insight #5: Photos have to be square when uploading them to Poshmark. This can be a pain in the rear end. However, if you have iPhone, when you take your photos just swap your camera over from the photo tab to square. Easy peesy.

What are some of your Poshmark insights? What things have you found allows you to have success on the app? 

Share in the comments below.

If you’re on Poshmark I would love for you to follow my closet “CurvyGirlTN



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My First Month on Poshmark

Lets talk about my first month on Poshmark. My Poshmark closet is @curvygirltn. You can see it HERE.

Posh logo

If you’re not familiar with Poshmark, it’s an app where you can buy and sell clothing, accessories, and handbags. There are several different types on people on Poshmark. Some are there to buy clothing at a discount, these are the shoppers. Some are there to sell there clothes and buy more clothes. Some are there as full time resellers and Posh is there only job. (Those people are my heroes, teach me your ways.)

I joined Poshmark July 24th to try my hand at selling clothing. I’m an entrepreneur at heart so I love to play around and figure out different ways you can make money.

I learned about Poshmark when I stumbled across an article about a woman who had made $100,000 on Poshmark and I was like wait…what??

You can read that HERE.

So I found some clothes in my closet that I wanted to get rid of and listed those. I sold four items within my first two weeks of being on the app and then of course I was hooked.

At the time of writing this blog post I am entering my fourth week on Poshmark. Aside from those four sales in my first two weeks I have not sold another item.

I have 46 listings in my closet as of now. I am very active on the app and I gain followers, likes, and shares daily so I know I’m moving in the right direction. 

Poshmark is definitely not one of those platforms where you can just set it and forget it. It is a social app driven by people interacting and sharing each others items and their own.

How to get started: 

Download the app – there is a desktop version of Poshmark but I have read that you can’t post items for sale from desktop until you’ve downloaded the app (I have not verified this because I downloaded the app before I realized there was a desktop version)

List your items – make sure you take good pictures when listing new items. If your clothes are wrinkled and your lighting is dark, it reduces the chances that people will buy from you.

I do a lot of flat lays. I have not upgraded to a mannequin just yet.


Dark Denim jeans against a hardwood floor is just so aesthetically pleasing to me! 

Also, make sure when you list your clothing you write good titles and descriptions. Your title at the very least should include Name of items and size. For example, if I’m selling a Banana Republic Sleeveless Top (this was one of my first sales by the way) then my title would be “Banana Republic Sleeveless Top – Size L”

There are a lot of great Youtubers who do Poshmark. That being said you can get on Youtube and search for just about any topic related to Poshmark and find some great videos.

If you want to follow your truly on Youtube my channel is “Curvy Girl TN.” I plan to give Poshmark a year wether good or bad, to experiment and really learn how this platform works. You can subscribe to my channel HERE.

Self Share Daily – While community sharing is an amazing way to spread some Posh Love, be sure you are sharing your closet 2-3 times a day so your items get in front of people.

What were your first few weeks like on Poshmark? Let me know in the comments below. 

Happy Poshing!

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731 Day: Porchfest Recap and a New Business Idea

It was a busy week! I should just say that as a parent I feel personally attacked that my kid has a birthday on the same day that school starts…and now I’m BROKE. Welcome to adulthood.

Our community put on an amazing event Tuesday for 731 day called Porchfest. Local musicians played on different porches throughout the community. There were food trucks, good music, and we were all a sweat hot mess by the end of it! But it was amazing. We were one of the host homes and we had such a phenomenal time!

J&Bae TV representing at ALL times lol. 



I was so proud of my friend who coordinated this event. It was a first annual event but the turnout would’ve made you think the event had been going on for years! And y’all she is so cute and pregnant right now. You know you’re a BOSS WOMAN when you pull off an event like this while being 8 months pregnant. Hats off to her!

I hope we get asked to be a host home again next year!

In other news, I’m experimenting with a new business concept right now reselling clothes. I love fashion and at times as an entrepreneur I still find myself trying to figure out where exactly I fit. Each time I get a new idea I think…maybe this is it! (says every entrepreneur lol) 

However, anyone who knows me knows I love fashion and dressing nice. I mean I comment on everyone’s clothes where I work. If I could, I would start and Instagram account just dedicated to people’s outfits at work. The people in my office wear stylish clothing on a regular basis although I’m sure at this point they are tired of my commentary on it!


So I’m experimenting with reselling new and gently used clothing and honestly so far it is going MUCH better than I expected. I’m utilizing different platforms to sell: Poshmark, Instagram, and my mom’s group on FB. I am so excited by the positive response I have received from this.

New Items IG
I post new items in my mom’s group and on Instagram to generate sales. 
Awkward as Flock tee that is for sale in my Poshmark store @curvygirltn
I ship out orders to my customers as they come in. I am having WAAAAYYYY more fun than I thought I would with this! 

So in addition to J&Bae TV and my full time job, I’ve adding in reselling clothing. I don’t feel too overwhelmed yet, but you can bet your boots its coming. But business growth is a good problem to have.

As an entrepreneur, I also do struggle sometimes with thinking my ideas are silly. I get so many ideas. I will try something, and if it doesn’t work I’ll move onto the next thing.

Earlier this year, I started a resume writing business and although it was going well I realized I don’t have the time capacity to scale that business so I let it go and moved on. Try. Fail. Learn from it. Then move on. BOOM. 

I also saw this meme the other day and it instantly made me feel better and think maybe my ideas aren’t so silly.

You have a pretty solid point! 

So what are you working on right now? What side hustle are you trying to get off the ground? I’d love to hear about it. 

P.S. If you love wine and being around other supportive mamas, then you may consider joining my Facebook group “Mommy Needs Wine” We share a lot of laughs, mom jokes, and real life in this group. Join in on the fun. You can do that HERE.