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Social Media for Poshmark Sellers

There is a debate among resellers as to whether you need social media to grow a successful reselling business.

Side note: I could write an entire book on the different debates that rage on among resellers!

This is a debate that actually happens in multiple small businesses on a regular basis. Owners often question the ROI (return on investment) of investing time and money in social media. They wonder if it is even worth their time.

Within the Poshmark community, I’ve heard several top Poshmark sellers have to defend themselves and their success using social media to grow their reselling business.

In case you didn’t know, I am the president of the CRA (Comment Reading Association). If I see a post on an interesting topic with a lot of comments, I’m delving into the comments to see what people’s differing points of views are.

This also makes for excellent market research. Comments can sometimes provide you with more answers than Google!

Now, one of the most common comments I’ve seen is “Well so and so is only successful with Poshmark because they have a ton of followers on Instagram or YouTube.”

At this point I start scratching my head in confusion because I don’t understand the point they’re trying to make when they say things like this.

Of course their followers/viewers buy from them. What you are witnessing with this is the common business saying “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.” Building a social media following allows your potential customers to get to know you, and allows you to build a relationship with them as well.

Now, if you choose not to use social media as a part of your marketing strategy because you “don’t have time,” or “it doesn’t matter,” that is totally understandable.

However, don’t belittle someone elses success because you’re irritated that they have more followers than you. It’s petty and its childish.

So back to my original question…can you build a successful Poshmark business without a social media following? Well OF COURSE you can, but my next question is why would you want to?

Here are three reasons why I think social media matters for you as you build a business:

One: Social media is a great way to stay in front of your customers.

A quick disclaimer here though. If all you do is post “look what I have for sale,” or “buy my stuff” people will ignore you and engagement on your posts will go way down.

So what do you post instead of “buy my stuff” all the time? You need to mix in some educational content as well as some lifestyle content. People want to see the human side of you, not just the business side. Again, know, like, and trust…

A great way to decide what kind of things you should post is to think about your top three favorite people you follow on Instagram or Snapchat or wherever. What types of things do they post? Is every post a “hey buy my stuff” post?

Now, I’m not saying copy these people, I’m saying look at their strategy and use the knowledge you gain from that to build your own strategy.

Two: Within the Poshmark community, using social media effectively is a great way to stand out from the noise on the Poshmark platform itself.

When you build a social media presence, you’re essentially building a brand.

Now for me, I’m more likely to buy from someone I follow on social media vs. an account on Poshmark with a fish as their profile picture. Again, this is where know, like, and trust comes in.

Three: Using social media is a great way to build your email list.

Your email list is your back up plan in case Poshmark goes out of business. If you build an email list as you build your business, then again you are building a relationship with a group of people, and that relationship over time turns into trust if done right.

Also you don’t own the social media platforms you’re utilizing either, but if you build an email list it is yours.

With email, their are no algorithmic changes that are going to make it difficult for people to see your content.

Now, as you build an email list, don’t be like other retail stores who have an email list but all they do is send coupons. We all ignore those…

Find a way to add value yo your customers lives.

Again, spamming your customers with “buy my stuff” will get you ignored.

Now my friend, I acknowledge this is a LOT of work and a lot of planning and strategizing. However, in a crowded marketplace you have to find a way to stand out.

There is the saying “Go the extra mile, it is never crowded.” In my experience this more often than not is true!

If you want to improve your social media strategy as well as your online marketing strategy, below are some books I would recommend you start with. R

  1. Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson
  2. The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck
  3. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck

As a matter of fact I would encourage you to follow Gary Vaynerchuck on social media and subscribe to his podcast. Be warned, he does have a potty mouth but his content is SO GOOD!

Now, all knowledge is useless without action so get to work planning your strategy today!



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Marketing and Business

Why You Must Play the Long Game to Win in Business

The best marketing strategy ever? CARE

You know what makes my heart happy? Seeing people succeed in their businesses!

You know what makes me weep into my coffee? (Okay maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it does make me sad) Seeing women give up on their hopes and dreams because of temporary setbacks or failures.

As business owners, we MUST play the long game to succeed. Or in other words, we must be in it for the long haul. Short sightedness will not help you win the game. It will only expose you to more setbacks and failures.

Building authentic relationships with people is what playing the long game looks like.

Let me show you an example of short sightedness. I got this exact message in my Facebook messenger the other day…

“Hi there! I’m with XYZ Business and I love what I do! I would love to have you on my team and see you thrive! Check out the products on my website (Link here). Is this something you would be interest in?” 

First of all, I don’t know this woman from Adam. There were no introductions, no small talk, just her GOING STRAIGHT FOR THE SALE.

Second of all…going for the sale as soon as you meet someone is like asking a guy to marry you on the first date. It’s creepy on a date, and its just plain spammy in business. If this is you STOP THIS!! STOP IT NOW!!

If you want to learn more effective ways to market your small business online, then join our Facebook Community of strong, empowered, heart centered entrepreneurs. Click HERE to join Direct Sales Mamas Networking.

Have you had a super spammy sales experience? I’d love to hear about it!